Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Energy storage systems (ESS) are technologies capable of storing energy from an external source and releasing this energy later. As the population grows and energy requirements continue to increase, a stable and continuous supply of energy becomes critical in both front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter applications.

High battery capacity and fast charge and discharge rates make lithium-ion batteries ideal for ESS requirements.

Celgard has a broad range of products available to improve safety and enhance battery cell performance in these high energy applications.

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Front-of-the-meter energy storage systems refer to utility-scale or grid-scale battery storage. These systems can be connected to distribution/transmission networks or to power generation assets like wind turbines or solar farms.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most prevalent and mature technology used in utility-scale storage systems. Batteries used in these front-of-the-meter systems withstand heavy cycling with frequent charging and discharging, which may degrade the battery over time.

Depending on the battery cell chemistry, coated or non-coated Celgard® separators are available – with features that improve safety and battery life, lower costs, and minimize the degradation of the system over time.

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