Battery Manufacturing

The lithium-ion battery manufacturing process consists of tight tolerances and strict process controls which are essential to your product’s unparalleled safety, quality and performance. Celgard® understands how each of the components within cell designs are critical, and must be compatible with the cell chemistry, as well as the mechanical demands of stacking or winding assembly operations.

As a battery separator manufacturer, Celgard adheres to and is certified by the globally recognized ISO 9001 quality management system. Different from many battery separator suppliers, we conduct an extensive series of state-of-the-art optical inspections and quantified tests throughout the production of our microporous membrane separators to ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to customer battery assembly facilities.

Battery Separator Manufacturer

At Celgard, the leading global battery separator manufacturer, our advanced battery applications labs include a dry room complete with automated battery assembly capability where our scientists will evaluate anode, cathode, and electrolyte materials in conjunction with Celgard products to determine the optimal microporous membrane for your application. Test cells are subjected to a rigorous series of electrochemical analyses to provide you with accurate and valuable pre-fabrication data. Celgard’s unique team of experts work alongside your team to provide customized battery separator property targets for unsurpassed integration with the battery materials in order to produce the highest performance in your product.

The unique characteristics of Celgard membranes facilitate optimization of properties with minimal tradeoffs, including uniform web thickness and achieving high adhesion without camber, bagginess, or droop. In addition, our products can be optimized to provide excellent dimensional stability, enhanced electrolyte absorption, high Z-direction strength and other characteristics that together enhance cell manufacturing processes such as robust baking and rapid assembly techniques. As the leader of battery separator manufacturers, we produce battery separators that are available in custom slit widths as well as a wide range of thicknesses for all lithium-ion form factors and applications.


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